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Thread: Orbit the orphaned owl and his toy companion

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    Default Orbit the orphaned owl and his toy companion

    In his five short weeks of life, Orbit hasn't met many other owls.
    So he isn't at all worried that his new best friend doesn't hoot back.
    The orphaned chick is perfectly content in the company of the stuffed bird perched next to him and is never far from his side.
    Orphaned chick Orbit and his toy playmate

    Orbit, a common barn owl, was given the toy by Lyndsey Wood, his carer at Folly Farm, near Narberth in West Wales.
    She said: 'A friend suggested that I find something like a toy owl to stop Orbit feeling lonely.
    'I thought he might try to eat it, but he just cuddles up to it and goes to sleep.'

    Just the twoo of us: Meet Orbit the orphaned owl and his toy companion | Mail Online

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    OMG! Cuteness overload!

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    ^ Completely! Adorable.

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    Bless his little heart! I wish I could give him a tiny kiss!
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    *sniffle* poor baby

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    Look at that little fuzz ball, so sweet. Sad, that the little stinker is orphaned.

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    He's pretty.

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    i assume the woman is taking care of him then?
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    Awww, poor little guy. He sure is cute.

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    Owl pellets: fun with owl puke

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    February 26, 10:54 AM
    by Chris McLaughlin, SF Wildlife Examiner

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    Play with owl puke (picture by J.C. Westbrook)

    Try as I may, I just can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than digging around in owl puke looking for little animal skeletons. It’s weird science fun for the whole family.

    Owl pellets are a mass of wet, dead animal remnants that owls can’t digest. This is where the puking comes in.
    Here’s the deal. Unlike other birds, owls, hawks, eagles, and other raptors don’t have a “crop”, which is a sac in the throat that acts as a storage container for food until it’s consumed later. Birds of prey swallow their food whole or in big chunks. Since they have no crop, the food passes directly into the digestive system.
    The soft tissue of the owls’ and raptors’ victims is dissolved by protein digesters called, “proteolytic enzymes”. These enzymes, along with powerful acids are found in high concentrations in the stomachs of these birds. Even the tiniest bones are preserved, unbroken.
    The bones, hair, feathers, scales, and teeth are formed together by the birds’ stomach muscles into mushy pellets. Each puked out structure contains virtually complete skeletons of the small animals the owl ate the night before. How cool is that? It’s not just me that thinks it’s great; teachers everywhere use owl pellets as a natural teaching tool.
    Owl pellets are a natural explanation of the way the food chain works as well as the principals of ecology. It is an example of animal structure and function, skeletal anatomy and natural history. All this education in an ooey, gooey - but probably dry by the time you find it - pellet.
    You can look for these treasures on a forest floor under trees, nesting sites, barns, silos or even at the base of cliffs. They are oblong, or spherical and brown or gray in color. Owl pellets are different form the other raptors’ pellets because they contain more food stuffs inside. This is because an owl’s digestive juices are less acidic than other birds of prey. So, personally, I’d hold out for one of these.
    Can’t find your own owl puke? You may purchase them online! Check out Owl Pellets.
    Chris McLaughlin can be reached at or Mammals at Suite 101.

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    Cynic, we had to dissect some owl pellets at school once. Can't remember why, but it was interesting at the time.

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