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    Default Albino hedgehog

    MEET the baby albino hedgehog who was saved from certain death by people who wanted to make sure he was ALL-WHITE. Milky white Jay Jay and his pasty pal King have been taken in by Hedgehog Rescue because they can't survive in the wild.

    The chums' white pigmentation means they stand out as obvious prey for foxes and birds of prey. So they need a little help.
    Sue Kidger, who runs the service from her home in Twickenham, west London, has warned of the dangers posed to them.
    And she's currently caring for 44 hedgehogs the rest of them brown after taking in 140 of the little fellas last year.

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    Aww, add me to the list of people who want him.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    He's bloody gorgeous.

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    i saw a documentary, i think, on sue once. she's amazing taking care of all these hedgehogs.

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