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Thread: Animal pictures of the week

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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    20th February 2009

    Blanche, a five-year-old albino wallaby, is seen with her three-month-old regular-coloured joey in her pouch, at Tropical Wings Wildlife centre in Essex

    A hairy frogfish which was photographed taking a leisurely walk on the seabed in the Lembeh Straits of Sulawesi, Indonesia, by Choh Wah Ye, an engineer from Malaysia. See the fish walking on the seabed
    Picture: SOLENT

    A sea otter in Elkhorn Slough Estuary, California, wields a video camera. Judging by the state of the camera, which was covered in algae, it is believed the otter retrieved it from the bottom of the estuary

    A carnivore keeper holds meerkat pups, the first to be born in nine years at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The pups named Zanzibar and Nairobi are four weeks old, born on Jan. 23, 2009

    A hippopotamus and her young relax in their enclosure at the zoo in Berlin. The young, born on January 22 and end of November were the first to be born there for a number of years

    Polar bear Knut, enjoying the snow in his enclosure, at the zoo in Berlin, Germany...

    ...Knut the polar bear plays with snow balls...

    ...Who needs gloves when you've got paws like these? Knut the polar bear loves snow

    A giant panda eats bamboo at the Chongqing Zoo...

    ...The citizens of Chongqing accused the zoo of making giant pandas as dirty as "beggars". The zoo keeper said that they provided comfortable accommodations for pandas, along with experienced feeders, regular physical checkups and baths

    Kartini, the white Bengal tiger, feeds her day-old cubs at Bali Zoo park in Bali, Indonesia...

    ...All tired out after lunch, the tiger cubs have a catnap

    A bottlenose dolphin gets a special Valentine's gift at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in the form of a heart-shaped ice block

    A red lemur warms himself in front of a heater at the ZOOM zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

    Baby Mandrill Blanca plays at Bioparco zoo in Rome

    One-month-old baby black howler monkey and his mother Agra looks out from a tree in the Singapore Zoo

    Two-month-old Bornean orang utan baby, Ah Meng Junior, hangs on to her mother, Anita at the Singapore Zoo

    A three day-old Nile Lechwe antelope named Gizmo is fed by its animal-tender, at the Budapest Zoo Park and Botanic Garden in the Hungarian capital. The wild population is estimated at 30,000 to 40,000

    A six-week-old giraffe who was officially named Neema (meaning prosperous in Swahili) at Dublin zoo

    Michael Goessling holds Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse, during the opening day of the 2009 Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Centre in New York
    Picture: AFP/GETTY

    Two-year-old black Labrador, Bruce, a rescue dog from Dogs Trust, Glasgow, at Central Station in Glasgow, after he qualified as explosives search dog for the British Transport Police

    A dog suckles her puppies at Halikisla village of Kars, eastern Turkey

    A bird pecks on a piece of pork fat on a tree branch, in a park in Minsk, Belarus

    Animal pictures of the week: 20 February 2009 - Telegraph

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    I love them all-the baby giraffe is my fav!
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    They were all nice to see...but the Giraffe was my favorite also.
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    Love these all.

    The hairy frog fish is freaky.

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    Pandas are not dirty beggars!!! Besides, I doubt the zoo bathes them. The San Diego Zoo doesn't bathe theirs...they're dirty by nature.

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    I want the little horse!!!!

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    Very cute. Although this guy freaks me out. If I saw him in the wild I'd probably run like hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    wow! amazing picture!
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    I love the otter holding the old video camera.
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