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Thread: Dog-fight victim seeking family

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    Default Dog-fight victim seeking family

    Bear was quarantined for six months before coming to the shelter

    A one-year-old dog rescued from the dog-fighting trade in Afghanistan is looking for a family to adopt him.
    Bear was rescued by the charity Nowzad Dogs and now lives at the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green, north west London.
    His ears and tail were removed to get him ready for for fighting but he was rescued at the age of four months by ex-Royal Marine Paul Farthing.
    Sgt Farthing founded Nowzad Dogs after witnessing the Afghan sport.
    'Fantastic temperament'
    Bear was brought to the London shelter being quarantined for six months.
    Sgt Farthing saw dog fights in the Afghan province of Helmand when he was stationed there in 2006.
    He soon set up the charity, named after his own pet dog which was also rescued from the dog-fighting trade.
    Bear's ears and tail had been chopped to prepare him for fights

    The tail and ears of a fighter dog are removed so rivals cannot get a grip on them.
    He said: "Thankfully we got to Bear before he'd had his first fight, but he's had his tail docked and his ears chopped off already.
    "He's a great, lovely bear of a dog with a fantastic temperament."
    He said: "It is sad that so many animals are affected by war, especially in Afghanistan and to be able to help just one is a reward in itself and a huge step to highlighting the undocumented suffering that animals in all war zones are subjected to."
    Christopher Sainsbury, international projects officer for Mayhew Animal Home, said: "Bear's a fantastic dog. He's huge - more than six foot when he rears up. "He will be great pet for someone. He will need a home with a large garden so he can run about."

    BBC NEWS | England | London | Dog-fight victim seeking family

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    Christ....glad we're helping Afghanistan. Fucking assholes.

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