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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    Animal pictures of the week: 6 February 2009

    Brenda Varvarigos holds an opossum that was found with a bullet hole in his head. After being rescued and undergoing surgery, the animal is now recovering at Valley Wildlife Care in Woodland Hills, California

    This abandoned baby badger was found above ground in Torquay, Decon, just in time before she froze to death. Only five days old, she is now being cared for by Secret World Animal Rescue

    Baby anteater Benita is bottlefed by a zoo keeper at the zoo in Berlin

    A zookeeper holds a one-week-old large hairy armadillo which was abandoned by its mother, in Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo

    A zookeeper feeds the baby hairy armadillo at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo

    Prairie marmots brave the snow at Twycross Zoo

    These playful elephants show their love for the big freeze - by doing the hokey-cokey in the snow. The four lumbering beasts shook their legs in unison as they traipsed through their freezing enclosure at Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire

    A Bonobo ape readies a snowball at Twycross Zoo

    White Bengal Tiger Scrap playing in the snow at West Midlands Safari Park, Bewdley

    There's only one word for it when this young cub got sight of his first ever snow - panda-monium. Giant panda cub Fu Long was clearly delighted to be frolicking with his proud mum at Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo as heavy snow covered the whole of Europe

    Two African Ostriches feed in the snow at Whipsnade Zoo, north of London

    Millie the albino wallaby, who has been fitted with a bell on a collar so that her keeper - Stephen Rowlands from Oldbury, West Midlands - can find her in the snow

    An elephant sticks its trunk in the icy water at Twycross Zoo following heavy snowfall

    A nine-day-old baby elephant sticks with his eighteen-year-old mother Tini at the Safari Park in Gianyar, on the Indonesian resort island of Bali

    A two-month-old female hog deer named Manja looks out from its enclosure at Malaysia's National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

    Bird lovers can now let their pets fly around the house without worrying about the mess, thanks to these brightly coloured bird nappies called FlightSuits from

    A duck peers into a frozen pond in Goudhurst, Kent

    A startled hippotomus dashes from his hiding place.Despite being one of the larger members of the animal kingdom, hippos can be shy creatures

    Vitus, an 18-year-old male polar bear, shakes off water at Budapest's Zoo

    Male African Lion cubs Shalom and Salam, whose names mean Peace in Hebrew and Arabic respectively, are seen as they were taken from their cage to receive vaccinations at the Ramat Gan Zoo, Israel

    A goat who lives peacefully with wolves in their enclosure at Wenling Zoo in China

    Doug Oldiges works to free his horse, Pencil, after he fell through the ice on a pond on Oldiges' Melbourne, Kentucky, farm

    Two 20-year-old sea lions, Poly (R) and Hustle, perform a kissing routine in the water during their training session at the Noboribetsu Marine Park

    A dog named Rick lies on a bed at a home for retired guide dogs in Sapporo, northern Japan

    These two cute puppies could be the last hope for Britain's most threatened breed of dog. The once popular Sealyham terriers have shown the sharpest decline in numbers of any breed registered with the Kennel club, with only 43 born last year

    Animal pictures of the week: 6 February 2009 - Telegraph

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    Love all of them! Such a treat.
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