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Thread: Baby elephant exploring paddock

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    Default Baby elephant exploring paddock

    Etana's mother was also born at Howletts in 1985

    The latest African elephant calf to be born at Howletts has gone out into the paddock and is adjusting well to her surroundings, her keepers have said.
    Etana, which means "strong one" in Swahili, brings the size of the herd at the Kent wild animal park to 14.
    Head of elephants, Dave Magner, said: "The baby is adjusting very well to its new surroundings and family.
    "She was keen to get out into the paddock very quickly and appears to have bonded very well with her mum."
    Etana was born just before Christmas weighing in at an estimated 70 to 80kg following a 22-month gestation period.
    Her mother, Swana, was also born at Howletts in 1985.
    Mr Magner said keepers at the park were delighted.
    "Despite dedicated efforts, African elephants are still very difficult to breed in captivity," he said. He said it was hoped the elephants would start roaming around their enclosures as the weather improved.

    BBC NEWS | England | Kent | Baby elephant exploring paddock

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    Baby ellies are so precious!

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    ^^Are they not just the best!!!

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    wow, 22 month pregnancy!
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