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Thread: Abandoned badger cub saved from freezing temperatures by wildlife-lover

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    Default Abandoned badger cub saved from freezing temperatures by wildlife-lover

    Abandoned: Snowdrop was just five days old when found nearly frozen

    A newborn badger had a lucky save when a wildlife-lover found her on top of a sett.
    Fitting neatly into the palm of a hand, the five-day-old cub, called Snowdrop, had been abandoned and was close to freezing to death when she was discovered in a garden in Torquay, Devon on Friday.

    Snowdrop is now being cared for by Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre at Highbridge in Somerset where she is being kept in an incubator. Staff are feeding her every two hours and her weight has already increased from 284g to 312g.
    Secret World founder Pauline Kidner said Snowdrop's temperature was so low at the time of her rescue that she would not have survived much longer if left to the elements. But how the cub came to the top of the sett remains a mystery, as she had no injuries.
    Badgers sometimes leave their cubs alone but come back to them. Ms Kidner said that normally they would prefer to leave a cub in its natural surroundings, but the freezing temperatures necessitated Snowdrop's rescue.
    Because the cub is not receiving any antibodies from her mother's milk, she is very prone to infection and needs to be handled with extreme care. Staff need to change her bedding often and sterilise all equipment used with her.
    Snowdrop will be raised with any other badger cubs that are brought in. Ms Kidner hopes to release her into the wild by autumn.

    Weather casualty: Abandoned badger cub saved from freezing temperatures by wildlife-lover | Mail Online

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    she is adorable!

    Petunia Pearl

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    She is presh!!!

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