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Thread: Firefighters rescue dog trapped in cement pit

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    Default Firefighters rescue dog trapped in cement pit

    Oso stares out from his cage at Lee County Animal Services Monday. He was rescued by Fort Myers firefighters from a sand and gravel pit at Cement Industries. He walked up a 75 foot catwalk and fell in. He was uninjured and is now being housed at Animal Services. (Andrew West/

    Firefighters on Monday rescued a scared pit bull that managed to climb up a 75-foot high catwalk and fall into a sand and gravel pit on a construction site over the weekend.
    Now, Lee County Animal Services is trying to find the dog's owner.

    Oso, the tan-colored pit bull, was found inside the gravel pit at 2792 Ford St. in Fort Myers around 8 a.m. He might have been there for days.
    Peter Sabbow, an employee at the Cement Industries construction site, said the dog was found in the pit after a routine check of the equipment before work was started Monday morning.
    "He looked shaken up," Sabbow said. "He had probably been in there all weekend."
    The last time the area was checked was during the workday Friday.
    "The dog walked up the conveyor belt and fell in," Sabbow said. "The walls were probably about 6 feet high around him, so he couldn't get out."
    Firefighters used a hydraulic lift to get him out of the sand and gravel pit, said Ria Brown, animal services spokeswoman.
    "Someone did look in there and see him before they turned it on, thank God," she said. "How he got in there, we don't know."
    Sabbow said employees called Lee County Animal Services to help get the dog out of the pit.
    "He was a pit bull, so we weren't going in to get him," he said.
    The dog has a microchip, Brown said, but animal services is having a tough time finding the owner. The last registered owner is Miriam Caldas of Fort Myers, Brown said.
    The address registered to the dog is north of Palm Beach Boulevard, which leads Brown to believe the dog might have been missing for a while. Workers said they have been feeding the dog at the site for a few weeks.

    Firefighters rescue dog trapped in cement pit | | The News-Press

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    Poor baby. I hope he gets a good home.

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