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Thread: Animal pictures of the week

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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    What happened this week...

    A lioness swims in open water, an extremely rare scene, in Botswana

    Young lions play in the snow at Dyreparken zoo in Kristiansand, Norway

    A baby woollen pig walks on the snow at the animal park of Sauvabelin near Lausanne, Switzerland

    Novia, the ocelot kitten, looks up during her 18 week physical examination by Woodland Park Zoo staff, Seattle

    Bornean orangutan, Ah Meng, clings to her mother, Anita, at the Singapore Zoo

    Two gorillas named Ambam and Boumi clash at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, in a photo taken by amateur photographer Nicholas Godsell

    A baby mountain gorilla plays with its mother's foot, in the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda

    A female black howler monkey carries its nine-day-old baby on its back as it forages in Singapore Zoo

    A one-day-old pelican chick tries to crawl out of its eggshell at Rotterdam Zoo

    Animal-keeper Tamas Kardos feeds an orphan antelope calf, Bendeguz, a bottle full of cattle milk in Debercen Zoo, near Budapest, Hungary

    A young koala bathes in a water dish left out for birds, trying to escape the heat, as he's offered a cup of water by Karen in Rosslyn Park, Adelaide

    Bossa Nova and Misha sit on a couch at PawPaws Urban Retreat in the library suite, a newly opened hotel for dogs, at Waterloo in Sydney

    Sir Lancelot Encore, a 10-week-old, 17-pound yellow Labrador in the Otto family house, Boca Raton, Florida. Sir Lancelot was cloned from the cryogenically frozen DNA of the Otto family's previous pooch, Sir Lancelot, who died of cancer about a year ago

    Elephants being trained at the Saree elephant training centre in Aceh Besar, Sumatra

    Meg, the black Labrador, who was born totally deaf has been learning sign language at the Dogs Trust dog's home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

    Trudy Williams tends to Barack the elephant at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Centre for Elephant Conservation, in Central Florida

    Giant panda Mei Xiang plays in the snow at Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington

    A hippopotamus which was quietly wading in the Shire River in Malawi's Liwonde National Park gets caught up in the action when two male elephants nearby decided to have a play-fight

    A researcher holds two cloned beagle puppies named Magic and Stem at the lab of a South Korean biotech firm, RNL Bio, in Seoul...

    ...Surrogate mother River feeds the two cloned beagle puppies

    A cheeky magpie hitches a ride on the back of a young deer in the New Forest to avoid getting his feet cold on the frosty ground

    A seal grabs a fish in the River Tyne near the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

    Animal pictures of the week: 30 January 2009 - Telegraph

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    Petunia Pearl

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    they are all so spectacular!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    This picture cracks me up!

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    That gorilla one above is hilarious!!

    I love the monkey ones the best. The babies are just too cute!!

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    The baby gorilla playing with his mom's foot is adorable! That one is my fav.
    And the fighting gorilla's picture is a great shot. Kudos to the photographer.

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    Animals are the all-natural antidepressant. You can help but feel good when you look at these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizglam View Post
    This picture cracks me up!
    You know those gorillas are fighting over some female. Men....
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    These restoreth the soul.
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