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Thread: Pony shot in eye at point-blank range by air-rifle

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    Default Pony shot in eye at point-blank range by air-rifle

    Heartless thugs shot a horse and a pony at point-blank range with an high-powered air-rifle, leaving vets no choice but to put one of the animals down.
    Two-year-old Imogen Sinclair, whose 4ft-high Shetland pony Buckaroo has been left blinded in one eye by the attack, has been left 'heartbroken' after the family discovered the attacks in their Surrey field on Saturday.
    Nine-year-old Buckaroo's horse-friend Boo, a 11-year-old Clydesdale Cob, was left blinded in both eyes and had to be put down.

    Nine-year-old pony Buckaro was shot in the eye in herfield in Surrey.
    Two-year-old owner Imogen Sinclair has been devastated by the attack

    The maimed horses were found wandering injured in their field in Headley, Surrey, by the shocked family on Saturday and local veterinary surgeon Mike Burrell was called to the scene.
    Mr Burrell examined X-rays of the ponies' eyes and discovering air-gun pellets lodged deeply inside.
    He said: 'The pellets were lodged so far back in their eyes that it was clear they had been shot at point-blank range with the barrel of the gun against their eyeball.
    'You find this type of injury very rarely but to find it on two horses in the same field was very unusual, so it was obvious to me it was done deliberately.
    'This was done by a particularly sick or sad person and to mutilate an 11-year-old horse who was already blind in one eye is particularly horrific,
    'In all my years as a vet I have never seen anything as bad as this.'

    Cruel An X-ray shows the air gun pellet lodged in the horse's eye

    Imogen's mother Jane Sinclair, 37, said: 'Our daughter has been left heartbroken by these sickening incidents. She has spent many hours grooming Buckaroo and she absolutely dotes on him and Boo.
    'Imogen adores her pony and we take her down to see him every day.
    'Buckaroo follows her around and lets her ride him - they are so sweet together. All Imogen has been asking is if the doctors are going to make him better.
    'We were disgusted and heartbroken by the attacks and couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing.'
    Surgeons battled in vain to save Buckaroo's pellet-riddled eye but the injury was so severe they were left with no option but to cut it out.
    Unfortunately, the decision was taken that partially-blind Boo should be euthanised as his life would be un-liveable with no sight.
    Surrey Police have now launched a hunt for the gunman.
    Sergeant Peter Gunning-Stevenson said: 'This was a deliberate and shocking act of animal cruelty. It has distressed the owners and the whole equestrian community in the area.'

    Two-year-old's heartbreak as pony is shot in eye at point-blank range by air-rifle | Mail Online

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    People suck.
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    I could kill them with my bare hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    I could kill them with my bare hands.
    Need help?? I'm available!

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    I remember a news item a while ago where some unknown people in California I believe were 'serial shooting' cattle and horses in ways that they suffered excruciating pain and deaths. It was a matter of the shooter getting out of their car or doing a 'drive by' at animals off the highway. Pretty sick.

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    Bastards.. is this all that some people have to do? Wtf.
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    " a 11-year-old Clydesdale Cob, was left blinded in both eyes and had to be put down."

    very sad about cob

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