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Thread: Family dog eats Inauguration ticket

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    Default Family dog eats Inauguration ticket

    Jill Amacker is one of the lucky few that managed to get a ticket to the Presidential Inaguration; it wasn't easy though.
    "I called Boxer's office, Feinstein's office and Doris Matsui's office to get my name on the list," said Jill.
    Somehow one of her best friends found her a ticket.
    "In the end she dropped it off at our house, through the mailbox," said Jill. "And then began the funny part of the story, because my dog ate the ticket."
    She tried to piece the shredded ticket back together the best she could.
    "Well I unfolded everything; some of it is still wet," said Jill.
    This isn't the fist time Webster has chewed his way into trouble.
    "Um, he ate my homework," said Jill's daughter.
    But this time he might have had more political motivation.
    To test, in my right hand I held a bowl of dog food with "Republican" written on it. In my left, I held a similar bowl with "Democratic" written on it.
    He ate out of the republican bowl. I guess that's why he ate the ticket.
    "We adore him, but this could be a serious philosophical issue here," said Jill. - My Dog Ate My Inauguration Ticket

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    My sister once had a dog who ate a five dollar bill. Sisters hubby followed the dog around til the dog took a dump. He got the five dollar bill back. He had to clean it and use some tape but he got it back. Dogs will eat anything.

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    Not believing it.. last year a man said a dog ate his Super Bowl tickets..
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    Dog must be a republican. I hope he doesn't get sick. Sometimes the inks on paper can cause problems.

    A government big enough to give you everything you want,
    is strong enough to take everything you have. ~Thomas Jefferson

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