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Thread: Ratchet the dog reunited with the soldier who rescued him in Iraq

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    Default Ratchet the dog reunited with the soldier who rescued him in Iraq

    Ratchet, the puppy who was rescued from a burning trash pile in Iraq by American soldiers, finally made it to American soil in October with a little help from a rescue group called Operation Baghdad Pups.
    His rescuer, Army Spec. Gwen Beberg, returned from her tour of duty on Saturday and Ratchet was among the group of about 60 who gathered at a Minnesota VFW hall to welcome her.
    The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:
    [Beberg's] parents, Pat and Ted Beberg, have been caring for Rachet, a feisty substitute for the daughter they hadn't seen in person since September 2007. Beberg already is registered for fall classes at Northwestern Health Sciences University to study massage therapy. She also wants to train Ratchet to be a therapy dog.
    So far, the transition from the scorching desert to subzero Minnesota has gone well.
    Beberg bent low and nuzzled her dog, who acted as if he'd left her only that morning. "He loves Minnesota. He thinks it's one gigantic field of treats."
    For more information on Operation Baghdad Pups, check them out on the web.

    Ratchet the dog reunited with the soldier who rescued him in Iraq | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    Awww. It's nice to see that there are some good things happening with soldiers and dogs.

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    It gives me faith in humans to read something like this. I cannot forget the utube video of the marine throwing the puppy over the cliff it haunted me still does. I hope he got reprimanded for his actions I never did hear the outcome, it was horrible.

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    I love stories like these!!! Ratchet looks a bit like my Marley.

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    Ahhh a happy ending for all.
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