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Thread: Dog nearly killed by flying Wii remote

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    Default Dog nearly killed by flying Wii remote

    A wee dog is lucky to be alive after a run in with a Wii remote in Marquette, Michigan.
    Ozzy, a five-month-old miniature Sheltie, was watching his owners play with their new Nintendo Wii console when he was accidentally hit with one of the game’s remote controllers.
    “We had just got the Wii for Christmas,“ explained owner Kathy White, “so we were trying it out, and that’s when Alexis and I were bowling and Ozzy was standing by me and he jumped up and I hit him in the temple and killed him instantly.“
    White says Ozzy wasn’t moving or breathing.
    Her first instinct was to call her neighbor Pene Honey for help.
    “I was brushing my teeth and my husband handed me the phone,“ said Honey, “and I put it to my face and it was Kathy and she was screaming that she killed Ozzy and to come over right now.“
    Honey says she picked up the lifeless dog and felt for a pulse.
    “I just waited to see if he would breath and his heart was racing and racing and then it slowed and then just stopped, and that’s when I gave him a breath in his nose,“ she said.
    After four or five breaths, Honey says Ozzy coughed and woke up.
    White then rushed him to the vet where she found out he had severe brain swelling and was in cardiac arrest.
    After a couple weeks of recovery, White says he’s almost back to normal.
    Now she knows you have to be careful when playing a Wii.
    “I just want people to be aware of their environment,“ White said, “especially small dogs and children so this doesn’t happen to them. Because it was a horrifying experience and I don’t want anyone to go through this.“
    Ozzy is no longer allowed in the room when the family plays the game.

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    Aww, poor baby. What a pretty dog.

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    What a scare.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    that is a pretty dog. Glad he's ok.

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    I'm glad he's okay.

    Months ago I had my dog sitting on my lap in the kitchen. I was on a barstool, and when he went to jump down it startled me because he's a small dog with short legs and it's a little too high for him. I tried to grab him as he was jumping and he ended up falling and landing chest first on the hard tile. He couldn't move. I thought he was paralyzed or possibly had some internal damage. I was scared and getting hysterical, which made it worse. It had a happy ending, and he just had the breath knocked out of him, but there's nothing like causing an accident with your pet to make you feel like a total and complete asshole.

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