A runaway horse unwittingly became a star movie attraction - after bursting into a cinema.
The animal left film-goers in shock after galloping through the automatic front doors, trotting around the foyer and cantering down a corridor.
It then turned round and fled through the exit as bewildered couples, friends and families hurried to clear a path.

A ticket for the stalls please: A horse in the foyer at Cineworld in Boldon, Tyneside

The horse was one of three which escaped from a farm and ran through the automatic doors at the Cineworld complex in Boldon, South Tyneside.
The incident was caught on CCTV and was put on the YouTube website, but it has since been removed.
Staff were not allowed to talk about the unusual customer.
But a source said: ‘The horse was one of three which escaped from a farm quite a way from here.
‘It was wandering around outside and a little girl frightened it by blowing a raspberry at it.
‘The horse noticed the cinema and headed towards us, and when it got close, the automatic doors opened and in it came.
‘It was a bit of a surprise - the general public don’t expect to see a horse in the middle of a cinema foyer - but it was all over in 20 seconds.’
No-one was hurt and the horse was captured safely soon after the incident on December 19.
A Cineworld spokesman said: ‘It’s certainly the first time I have heard of this happening and I have worked in cinemas for six years.’

Horse is star film attraction after bursting into cinema | Mail Online