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Thread: Grizzly bear enjoys a swim

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    Default Grizzly bear enjoys a swim

    A grizzly bear showed he is just as comfortable in the water as on land when he took a dip at a North Carolina zoo.

    Grizzly bear Tommo splashes around in his pool in North Carolina Zoo, America. Photo: SOLENT

    Despite the fearsome reputation of killer grizzlies, Tommo the seven-year-old bear looked a picture of happiness while splashing around in the water.
    It even appeared to be smiling as he glided through the pool, batting at the water with its impressive paws.
    Its exercise completed, the 800lbs bear shook the water from its fur before stretching out in the sun.
    The magnificent sight was captured by amateur photographer Valerie Abbott - a volunteer at North Carolina Zoo, in America, where Tommo lives.
    The wild bear was rescued from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming after it kept wandering into populated areas.
    Perceived as a nuisance, Tommo faced being put down until the zoo came to his rescue.
    Now the friendly bear enjoys nothing more than taking to the water and entertaining the crowds with his front crawl and back stroke.
    Ms Abbott said: "Tommo is a highlight of my zoo visits as you never know what he might be up to.
    "Sometimes he is laying asleep under the waterfall and others scavenging around looking for treats.
    "Mostly he enjoys getting in the water and splashing around, entertaining the crowds.
    "I swear sometimes he looks at us and then does something cute and what appears to be directed at us."
    Grizzly bears, a type of brown bear, can stand up to eight-feet tall on their hind legs and are considered to be the most aggressive bears.
    Unable to escape dangerous situations by scaling trees - the hefty grizzly bear must stand its ground to ward of attackers.
    Female grizzly bears are considered the most prone to attacking when defending their young.
    They are responsible for 70 per cent of human fatalities.
    In the last eight years 10 people have been killed by brown bears.
    The most recent fatality was in September this year when Robert Wagner, 48, was mauled during a hunting trip near Sundre in Canada.

    Grizzly bear enjoys a swim - Telegraph

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    Awwww how adorable! So glad they gave him a nice new home instead of just killing him for roaming.
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    Bears are so cool. Have any of you seen Growing Up Grizzly? There are two parts, one with Brad Pitt and the second with Jennifer Aniston. It's amazing to watch these bears.

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    how cute! I love bears, especially of the panda kind!

    Petunia Pearl

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