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Thread: Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep

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    Default Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep

    Farmer Du Hebing uses his wolf poster to scare the sheep

    He could be forgiven for looking just a bit sheepish, but this shepherd has learned how to control his flock using just a poster of a wolf.
    Farmer Du Hebing couldn't afford another dog after his old one died and had a brainwave after visiting a local wildlife park.
    "They had a flock of rare sheep and as a joke one of the keepers had put a picture of a wolf in the enclosure.
    "But I noticed that the sheep never went near it," he explained.
    Now Du has got his neighbours wondering what he flock he's up to every time he moves his sheep.
    "People laugh and point but it works - and the poster eats a lot less than any sheepdog," he said.

    Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep |

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    Uh-well-if it works,fine. I do hope he gets a dog soon.
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    Shows you how smart sheep are (or aren't.)
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