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Thread: Dog lover leaves 7million estate to animal charities

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    Smile Dog lover leaves 7million estate to animal charities

    The gift to the Dogs Trust will be used to help care for 16,000 rescue dogs

    An elderly widow who shared a passion for dogs with her late husband has left almost all of her 7m estate to animal charities.
    Her legacy includes 3.5m to the Dogs Trust, formerly the National Canine Defence League.
    Grace Smith also left 50,000 so that her own two dogs, a lurcher called Jenny and a collie named Harry, and a cat called Puss Puss, "live out a happy and healthy natural lifespan".
    The two dogs are now being looked after by a friend in Alves where Mrs Smith and her husband John, a surgeon, had lived for most of their lives.
    Puss Puss, a stray which arrived at their home in Burghead Road, Alves, one day and found life too good to leave, has now been rehomed in Alexandria near Dumbarton, where Mr and Mrs Smith originally came from.
    The dogs are now understood to be on a diet to reverse the effects of the large quantities of top-quality meat to which they became used while in the care of Mrs Smith.
    Mr Smith, who died aged 84 in May 2005, was a surgeon who was largely responsible for developing surgical procedures at Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin and saving patients the inconvenience of having to travel further afield for treatment.
    He left his 2,784,066 estate to his wife after his death, much of it in shares. His will stipulated that, had his wife died within a month of him, half his estate should go to the Dogs Trust, with the remainder divided among other animal welfare charities.
    After her legacy to the Dogs Trust, Mrs Smith ordered the remainder of her estate be divided between the PDSA, Battersea Dogs Home, Scottish SPCA, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, Brook Animal Hospital in Cairo, Broadmead House in London, The Bull Terrier Welfare Trust and International Federation for Animal Welfare Charitable Trust.
    Mrs Smith was a regular attender at Alves and Burghead Church of Scotland and the Rev Duncan Shaw said: "She was a wonderful lady and had an opinion on life and just about everything.
    "Her pets were everything - they were like family to her."
    A Dogs Trust spokesman said: "We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Mrs MacFarlane Smith. Her donation will be used to help the 16,000 rescue dogs which pass through our centres each year."

    Dog Lover Leaves 7m Estate To Animal Charities (from The Herald )

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    Bravo!!! Good for her. This is what I'll do with what little I leave on this earth

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    i hope they didn't have kids otherwise i bet they are pretty pissed off right now.
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