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Thread: SF Zoo plans to bond gorilla with mom

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    Default SF Zoo plans to bond gorilla with mom

    Monifa, the mother, gave birth on Monday, but has little interest in her baby, bedding down as far away from him as she could. (Susan L. Pettitt / Special to The Chronicle)

    Oscar Jonesy is the father of the gorilla born at the San Francisco Zoo on Monday. (Rick Murphy / San Francisco Zoo)

    The San Francisco Zoo is showing off its first gorilla born there in a decade.

    The male western lowland gorilla was born Monday morning at 11:30 a.m. The gorilla's mother, Monifa, has since left the baby unattended, so a primate veterinary team is now working to make sure the infant gets the care he needs.
    "It's a critical time for the infant and we are having to make hard decisions," said Jacqueline Jencek, DVM, chief of veterinary services at the San Francisco Zoo. "Mom was moving as far away as possible from the nest and was avoiding any eye contact, so it was clear that she wasn't up for motherhood and that we were going to need to step in and help her along."
    The veterinary team is going to anesthetize the mother, place the baby on her chest, and hope they'll bond when she wakes up.
    The zoo has not yet named their newest member.

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    aw, that baby is so flipping cute!~
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    Oh my GAWD!! That baby is precious! What a cutie. Look at that smile

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    Awww, so cute! I love gorillas and orangutans. They have so much personality... I can watch them all day.
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    I think Monifa's just angling for some liposuction.
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    It sounds like they should've named the baby gorilla Jayden James or Sean Preston.

    Cute, though. Way cuter than many human babies.
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