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Thread: Dog takes bullets to save family

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    Default Dog takes bullets to save family

    Family Dog Takes Bullet to Save Family
    Posted: Dec 9, 2008 08:00 PM
    Updated: Dec 10, 2008 05:04 PM

    By Amy Lester, NEWS 9 OKLAHOMA CITY -- A family dog made a lifesaving move when the family needed him most.

    The pit bull is more than a friend, even more than a companion and family members said he's the reason they're alive.

    The family's hero is their pit bull, D-boy.

    Roberta Trawick was sitting on the couch when a man busted in, through the front door.

    "He came in, pointed a gun at me and said, ‘Get down on the ground'," Trawick said.

    The next thing Roberta knew, D-boy ran in from another room, ready to attack.

    "I was too scared to move, I didn't know what to think," Trawick said.

    But before D-boy could get a hold of the intruder, the man started shooting.

    "I seen him shoot the dog twice," Trawick said. "He shot him once in the head and he was still going after him and the guy shot him again."

    D-boy was shot three times, altogether. The intruder, apparently spooked, took off out the front door.

    To donate to D-boy, you can send a check to:

    Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital
    1800 W. Memorial Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134

    * Checks can be made out to VECCA and please add D-boy to the memo line.

    "It is amazing, it's amazing that he want after that guy, and that I still have a family," family member Angelic Shoemaker said.

    The family has no idea why the man broke in or how D-boy survived.
    "The vet said if it wasn't for his hard head he wouldn't be here," Trawick said. "He's got a hard head."

    That hard headed pit bull was determined to protect his family, and a family that owes a debt of gratitude to their four legged friend.

    "I'm sorry my dog got shot, but I still got my family and we still got our dog," Shoemaker said.

    The family now faces another obstacle. They don't have enough money to pay D-boy's medical bills. So far, they owe around $1,500.

    Police are still looking for the man who shot the family dog. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 405-235-7300. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports | Family Dog Takes Bullet to Save Family

    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    What a brave doggy. I hope he recovers well.
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    Glad that D-boy survived. I saw him on TV yesterday. He's a real cutie.

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    Poor D-Boy I hope he will be ok

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    You know we keep it real.
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