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Thread: 9-Year-Old Starts His Very Own No-Kill Animal Shelter

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    Love this kid!!!
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    Awesome kid, off to donate.
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    awwww he's soooo cute! If I knew I would have a child like this I would immediately have one. And, I just donated. And will do it again!

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    Doing a very a cheeky *bump* here.

    Not sure how to word this, and will probably get an ass-whooping by a Mod , but it's for a great cause.. so here we go..

    Ken's Happy Animal Club's website still has a Donate button *cough..hint..hint.. cough*

    How to Donate - Happy Animals Club

    and they have a facebook page which has a 'Like' button *cough..hint..hint..cough*

    Even if the 'donate' button can't be pressed at this time, if you have facebook and would like to 'Like' the Happy Animal Club facebook page, it would be GREATLY appreciated

    Thank you

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    What a cool little boy. Very sweet.

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    I still get occasional emails from them since I donated via paypal. Lots of new rescue stories on their website. If you go there, be prepared to hit the paypal button again.
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