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Thread: Disabled rabbit gets 'wheelchair'

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    Default Disabled rabbit gets 'wheelchair'

    Vets advised owner Zoe Holbourne to have Ethel put down - but she refused Photo: SWNS.COM

    The four-year-old animal, Ethel, was struck down by a mystery illness earlier this year which left its back legs paralysed.
    Vets advised owner Zoe Holbourne to have her pet put down - but she refused and searched the internet for a way to get Ethel back on its feet.
    She found a small American company which makes made-to-measure miniature carts for disabled animals and ordered the first one to be shipped to Britain.
    Ethel is now happily bounding around with the 80 contraption, which is made from toy wheels and lightweight plastic tubing.
    Miss Holbourne, 46, said: "It looks bizarre but it is just amazing. It has given Ethel a new lease of life.
    "At first she struggled to keep her balance and kept tipping over, but she soon got to grips with it, especially on flat surfaces.
    "Now she loves it. The wheelchair is very effective and it stops moving as soon as she wants it to. It doesn't roll along when she is standing still.
    "As soon as we put her in it, she starts hopping around and really enjoys it."
    Ethel also lost control of her bladder and bowels due to the illness and has to wear a special nappy at night.
    Veterinary technician Laurie Miller, 53, from Texas, director of Dogs to Go, said Ethel's is the first cart they have sold in the UK.
    She said: "Most of the carts we make are for dogs, but we'll consider any animal so long as it isn't too large. We even make some carts for skunks which people keep as pets.
    "We sell around 10 or 20 carts per week to customers from all over the world."

    • Ethel features on Cutting Edge: Special Needs Pets on Channel 4 at 9pm tomorrow (Thursday).
    Disabled rabbit gets 'wheelchair' - Telegraph

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    for gods sake, shoot it, skin it, and eat it. It's a rabbit!

    Then go out into a field and get another one.

    Fucking incontinent, wheelchair bound rabbits as a pet?
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    but it's the wheelchair part that makes me love the bunny even more! i would put up with the incontinence

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