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Thread: Max, the dog on wheels

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    Default Max, the dog on wheels

    When hip problems forced Max the springer spaniel to retire from the police force, it looked as though this particular dog had had his day.
    Until he found a new best friend - in a custom-made set of wheels.
    The chariot-style apparatus enables nine-year-old Max to romp about the garden like a puppy.

    Wheel leaf: With a spring in his step, sniffer dog Max ignores his badly damaged hip and plays in the leaves
    'He absolutely loves running around in the leaves,' said his new owner, Inspector Anne Higgins, from Tiverton, Devon.
    'He used to work searching for drugs and now he searches for a ball instead and he just considers the wheels as part of his work.
    'They allow him to do a lot more and go further. He can get up a lot of speed and it can sometimes be quite difficult to keep up with him.'

    Chariot: Max, tucking into the autumn leaves, is mobile again thanks to his chariot

    Max, who suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis, used to work for the Avon and Somerset force, whose police charity funded his new wheels.
    Inspector Higgins added: 'We've referred 25 other dogs to the lady who makes the wheels and we've helped to rehome another dog with the same problems as Max.'

    Playing with leaves: Max exercises, considering the wheels part of his work

    Off on a wheely good run: When Max runs, he leaves his owner miles behind

    Where there's a wheel there's a way: Max leaves his owner far behind thanks to his new chariot | Mail Online

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    This is the feel good story of the day!! This baby is still so full of life. Love it!

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