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Thread: No one hurt after dog accidentally takes car for a drive

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    Default No one hurt after dog accidentally takes car for a drive

    No One Hurt After Dog Accidentally Takes Car For A Drive

    Friday November 7, 2008 Staff
    Here's a lesson for those who like to keep their vehicles clean - never take your dog with you when you're at the car wash. A Pryor, Oklahoma man learned that lesson the hard way on Thursday, after he left his pooch inside his automobile while he was busy cleaning it at one of those do-it-yourself places.
    The 70-lbs. pit bull named Killys (top left) got restless while his best friend was taking care of business, jumped in the front seat and somehow shifted the car into reverse. The vehicle then started moving, headed onto the highway, drove in a loop for a minute or two, and finally, mercifully came to a stop in one of the car wash's automated lanes.
    Witness Mark Walker was startled when he thought he saw a dog at the wheel. "I heard somebody holler. I walked out the front door and seen a car come off the four lane backwards and into the automatic bay. As soon as I looked around the corner I saw the dog in the car -- just the dog!"
    No one was hurt and amazingly, nothing was hit. But the owner lost his car anyway when police coming to check out the report of a vehicle being driven by a dog found the man had no proof of insurance.
    The officer involved, Brent Crittenden, admits his paperwork was a little odd, "It made my report quite easy because the driver information was all blank and I didn't have to fill that out."
    The owner was forced to walk the canine home after the now spotless car was towed away.
    Fortunately, the animal wasn't charged for his little sojourn into the human world.
    After all, the dog already had a licence.

    CityNews: No One Hurt After Dog Accidentally Takes Car For A Drive

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    OMG! That just damn funny.

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