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Thread: Bear killed out of worry for trick-or-treaters :(

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    Default Bear killed out of worry for trick-or-treaters :(

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Wildlife officials in Alaska have killed a 90-kilogram black bear that was raiding garbage in a home driveway while children were trick-or-treating in the Anchorage neighbourhood on Halloween.

    Officials say children were never in any immediate danger.

    But Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials were concerned because the bear refused to leave the garbage when they tried to chase it into a nearby park.

    Wildlife biologist Rick Sinnott says that if they had chased the bear and lost it there would have been increased risk to children.

    Sinnott killed the bear with a shotgun and planned to donate the meat to charity.

    He said he planned to ticket the homeowner $310 for allowing the garbage to be accessible by bears.

    Bear killed out of worry for trick-or-treaters in Anchorage neighbourhood - Yahoo! Canada News

    Poor hungry bear. Got killed while on his own turf in Alaska.
    Go Habs Go!!

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    They couldn't have just tranquilized the poor thing and moved it?

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