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Thread: Could you care for Chacoan Peccary babies?

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    Default Could you care for Chacoan Peccary babies?

    Just like that cute vicuña, I had no clue what creature to expect when I opened these images of endangered Chacoan Peccaries. Turns out the pig-like animals feature similar snouts, but belong to a different taxonomic group, than "true pigs."

    Native to Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay, the animal was thought to be extinct until 1972 when the species was discovered to still exist in the Chaco region of Paraguay.
    There are only 11 zoos in the US exhibiting these creatures – including the Los Angeles Zoo where four new babes live. Have you ever seen one? I sure haven't but in the spirit of the season, peek at the photo of a peccary piglet picking at pumpkin (phew!) when you read more.

    Could You Care For Chacoan Peccary Babies? | baby animals, Chacoan Peccaries, cute | PetSugar - Furry Friends.

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    Yes...I could care for them...very easily. In fact, I have room

    They are just too cute.

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    Oh they are just too cute!
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