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Thread: Hamster who evaded firemen with chocolate camera is found safe and well

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    Default Hamster who evaded firemen with chocolate camera is found safe and well

    A runaway hamster who evaded a team of eight firemen armed with hi-tech rescue equipment including a chocolate-coated camera has been found alive.

    The family feared the hamster had set up home underneath the kitchen Photo: PA

    Fudgie's nine-day adventure beneath the floorboards finally came to an end when he was trapped inside a baited cage.
    His family resorted to the trick after the firemen failed to coax him out with the tasty mini-camera and a vacuum cleaner with a sock over the nozzle.
    They even took apart the kitchen cooker and gas pipes in the Appleby family home in Dunbar, East Lothian in an effort to locate the pet.
    Six-year-old Zoe Appleby had been looking after the hamster for a friend when it made a dash for freedom.
    After the firemen's efforts came to nothing the hunt was handed over to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who suggested cutting off the hamster's food supply and laying down baited cages.
    "Our plan worked and hunger eventually brought Fudgie out," Zoe's mother Angela told the Daily Record.
    "It was like Christmas morning," she added. "Zoe sat in her pyjamas in front of Fudgie's cage and watched her for ages. She said 'I love you Fudgie'."
    The family had feared that Fudgie had set up a permanent home beneath the kitchen.
    "The firefighters were excellent and tried everything they could. The drama that tiny animal has caused is unbelievable," Mrs Appleby said.

    Hamster who evaded firemen with chocolate camera is found safe and well - Telegraph

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    so, Fudgie was just trapped in the house, or lost? or did the house burn down? all this over a hamster? sorry to any Hamster lovers.
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    Fudgie is so cute

    I remember reading about rescuing a hamster with a sock over a vacuum hose

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    I loved seeing my mom's eyes widen every time I told her a hamster was on the loose.

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    Cute hamster

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