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Thread: The pair of sea lions who paint to combat stress

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    Default The pair of sea lions who paint to combat stress

    A pair of sea lions were causing a splash in the art world after they became the first in the world to learn to paint.
    The two male seals - Morgan and Aero - hold paint brushes in their mouths to create colourful oil paintings on white canvas.
    Morgan, six, and Aero, three, produce their artwork by dabbing their brushes into an easel with several colours of non-toxic paint.

    Picture Perfect: Morgan creates a painting by holding the brushes in his mouth

    The sea lions, whose favourite colours are red and orange, have proved to be so prolific they have been given their own display at an art gallery.
    Staff at the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in Devon say the sea lions produce different types of paintings depending on their mood.
    Sea lion curator Nikki Morrison said the park hit on the idea as a way of keeping the animals mentally stimulated in captivity.
    Nikki said: 'The painting was one of the ideas we tried out to see if they would like it and the sea lions seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
    'Depending on their mood, it can get them really excited, and you can see them perk up when they have a brush in their mouths.
    'It can be very calming for them. If they seem a little stressed or having an off-day, as we all do sometimes, it seems to really relax them and help them focus.
    'Sometimes they don't always stick to the conventional method of paint to canvas but sometimes decide to paint the floors, walls or even me on the odd occasion.'
    Examples of the sea lions' work is to go on display in the new year at an exhibition in Ilfracombe, Devon, alongside pieces by local artist Robert Hill.
    He said: 'I have seen one or two pieces they have done. I am sure that in the sea lion world they are looked upon with awe.'

    Curator Nikki Morrison (pictured) said the park came up with the idea to keep the animals mentally stimulated

    Nikki added the animals produce paintings on canvases ranging in size from A4 to A1.
    She said: 'The type of painting they produce is entirely dependent on how they are feeling that day.
    'If one of them is being hyperactive and excitable then the strokes are much more erratic and the painting has more energy.
    'But if they're feeling a bit down then they dab away more thoughtfully and it results in a calmer picture.
    'We also find that focusing on the activity calms them down - especially Aero who can be a little rascal.'

    Painting by flippers...The pair of sea lions who have taken to art to combat stress | Mail Online

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    They're like big sea dogs....i love them

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    That is cool! They could probably raise money by selling those for a pretty penny.
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