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Thread: The horse who got its head stuck in a tree

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    Default The horse who got its head stuck in a tree

    They say curiosity killed the cat. It didn't do this poor filly any favours either.
    When she managed to squeeze her head into a hole in a tree she had been keen for a good nose around.

    Horsing Around: The curious filly, called Gracie, caught in the tree

    She suffered only minor injuries after being cut free with a chainsaw

    The only problem was she couldn't get it out again. Tired of trying, and stuck fast, she looked as silly as Winnie the Pooh with his head in the honey pot.
    Winnie the Pooh with his head stuck in a honeypot

    Finally, neighbour Jason Harschbarger heard her dismayed whinnying across the fields in Pullman, West Virginia, and came to her rescue.
    Gracie, as the horse is called, was left with a dislocated jaw and a few cuts and scrapes from her ordeal.
    The tree, however, was considerably worse for wear.
    Mr Harschbarger had to resort to a chainsaw to cut Gracie free.
    He said: 'She has a few cuts on her face and ear.
    'Last I heard her jaw was a little dislocated but I think it is healing up and she can eat on her own again.'
    I guess that's what happens when you start horsing around!

    Having a mare: The horse who got its head stuck in a tree | Mail Online

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    Oh my goodness...what a silly horsey!

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    I like a horse that knows what she wants!
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    What the hell? Crazy horse.
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