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Thread: A house optimized for kittens

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    Default A house optimized for kittens

    We've just been alerted to an epic Kitten House in Japan. Not only is this place modern and beautiful, it's optimized for kitteh livin'.
    Check out how cat steps lead to cat walks...(left) cat beds built under the bathroom sink (right)

    Special, um, kitteh bathrooms (left) and nest/nooks built under the stairs (right)

    Ceiling walks (left) and special stairs (right)

    Cute Overload!

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    We totally need to incorporate some of these ideas in our house. My husband actually built a skyway for the kittehs in our bedroom but we took it down after a couple of years. The kittehs have taken over anyway so we might as well design the house for them.

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    That's neat
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