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Thread: Our rescue...the forage cat

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    Default Our rescue...the forage cat

    Here are a few photos of our rescue cat, who we named "The Forage Cat". She followed Mr. Pippin home late one night after he went foraging for bottles and cans, hence her temporary name.

    Since we found her just after the 1st of July (traditional moving day where we live) we could only assume that her family moved, but 'forgot' to take her with them.

    She followed DH home, trailed by two or three toms. DH shooed the toms away, and she followed him right up our exterior staircase, tired, hungry, and dying of thirst.

    Cats are my least favourite animal, but I don't have it in me to be cruel to any creatures that we share our planet with, and my heart went out to her. She was immediately given fresh water, a few scritches and some leftover roast pork (we didn't have any cat food).

    We have pet birds, and we tried to keep The Forage Cat, but she was feline to the point where she regarded our free-flying birds as a potential meal, and we couldn't keep her locked in our TV room; it was too cruel.

    She was one of those rare cats, BTW, who seemed to have more dog-like characteristics than cat ones, and I really liked her. So did the old man...if we had not had our birds, she would have been the purrfect pet for him (sorry for that pun!)

    We re-homed her, and here she is, the spoiled Princess:

    Already asserting her dominance with Stanley the cat, isn't she?

    Relaxing by the almost Hollywood style.

    I have one very funny photo of the Forage Cat (now named Mimi) supping wine (seemingly) on New Year's Eve.

    Her new purrents email me pics of her all the time.

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    So pretty. That's really cute that her new parents keep in touch with you.

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    I love these open adoptions! She is such a sweet kitty-glad you could rescue her. It is hard to think of her all alone.
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    What a great thing you did She's adorable and looks to be very happy

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    rescues always seem to behave as if they know how lucky they are. What a beautiful cat!
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