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Thread: Abused dogs Baldrick and Meg saved by love

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    Default Abused dogs Baldrick and Meg saved by love

    They were subjected to such appalling cruelty as pups that neither was expected to survive into adulthood.

    Emma Scott holding Meg with Baldrick

    But thanks to the tender loving care of George Scott and his daughter Emma, lurchers Meg and Baldrick have made a remarkable recovery and are now the best of friends.
    As the founder of Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre near Wigton, George has rescued more animal cruelty victims than most people are ever likely to see in their lives.
    But even he and his daughter Emma, who works full-time at Knoxwood, were shocked at the treatment meted out to the two dogs that have now become part of their family.
    At just a couple of weeks old, Meg was kicked so badly that she suffered numerous broken ribs and a shattered leg. Stuffed into a shoebox, barely alive, she was tossed into the doorway of Knoxwood charity shop in Silloth. She owes her life to the skill of a Wigton vet who operated on her shattered body for more than four hours.
    “When she came back from the vet, she looked like a zombie dog,” said Emma, recording the tiny pup, its body swathed in bandages.
    “For weeks, she was in pain whenever she tried to move and would cry out. I had to carry her everywhere for at least six weeks.”
    Baldrick too had a horrifying start to his life: he was about four months old when his owner – presumably trying to finish her off – forced him to drink neat bleach. Knoxwood does not normally take in domestic pets, but the plight of both lurchers tugged at George and Emma’s heartstrings.
    Emma said: “Baldrick came from the north-east. Whoever had him had obviously got sick of having a boisterous young lurcher around.
    “They thought it would be a good idea to hold him and pour bleach down his throat.”
    His teeth blackened by the bleach, Baldrick spent weeks on a drip and like Meg slowly regained his strength.
    Incredibly, both dogs have made a full recovery, and now live happily with the Scott family, but always remaining close to each other. Baldrick’s only scars are psychological – a nervous reaction to loud noises and a fear of having his ears touched, thought to be a reaction to having had them held as his owner forced the bleach down his throat.
    Neither George nor Emma can understand what would drive anybody to treat another living creature so badly. But they have nothing but admiration for their remarkable pet survivors.
    George said: “They’ve become part of our family and they love people – Meg seems to actually smile at people.
    “They’re also best pals and always come out of the house together in the morning, one in front of the other.”

    The Cumberland News

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    Jeez...I can't imagine why someone would do something like this. Why? Why? Why??

    Glad that they have good homes now.

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