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Thread: Polly the pancake tortoise has surgery

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    Default Polly the pancake tortoise has surgery

    Polly the African pancake tortoise is recovering at Bristol Zoo, after having an hour-long operation to save her life.

    It was during a routine check up that vets at the zoo first discovered Polly was very poorly.

    They x-rayed her, and found she had a bladder stone inside her, which could have killed her within weeks.

    But a team of expert vets performed an operation to remove the stone, which was the size of a small egg!

    Five-year-old Polly is now bandaged up and recovering well in the zoo's Reptile House.

    CBBC Newsround | Pictures | Pics: Polly the pancake tortoise has surgery

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    aw poor turtle. i'm glad she's ok
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    I don't mind telling you all that I am an absolute turtle FAN. I LOVE EM!!!

    I have had 2 pet turtles over the years and just love them. Don't know why, since you cannot cuddle them or really do much with them, but they're so damn cool. Tippy was my favorite turtle....she ruled.
    Glad this one is ok. I would be truly sad if I heard otherwise.

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    Poor turtle. I am glad they saved her. We have to stop every now & then and haul one of the roads around here. I think they are grateful!
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    awww that's good that they saved her.
    my aunt's turtle had to be operated as well. she's bigger than the one in the article though. i don't know what kind she is but she's about 50cm long and is ancient. she managed to get out of the garden and to the driveway and a delivery man drove over her and cracked her shell and she was bleeding everywhere and my aunt wrapped her up, took her to the veterinarian and threatened to beat him up if he didn't do everything in his power to save the turtle, so he operated to stop the bleeding and then he glued her shell back together.
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    We used to have little turtles when I was growing up. We named all of them Myrtle

    There are tons of turtles and tortoises in Maryland and it was not uncommon to see them in your yard or on the roads. We would always pull over and get them out of the street.

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