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Thread: Two white tiger cubs find an unusual surrogate mum...Anjana the chimpanzee

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    Default Two white tiger cubs find an unusual surrogate mum...Anjana the chimpanzee

    When two white tiger cubs were born during a hurricane they had to be separated from their mother after their sanctuary flooded.
    However they have since found an unlikely surrogate mother in chimpanzee Anjana, who has taken on the role of caring for the cubs.
    These adorable images will melt even the most cynical of hearts.

    Surrogate: Anjana helps care for the cubs

    The two-year-old chimp has been helping keeper China York care for the 21-day-old cubs at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in South Carolina.
    'Mitra and Shiva, were born during Hurricane Hannah,' said Dr Bhagavan, founder of TIGERS. "During that time everything flooded in the sanctuary and they had to be moved into the house as their mother became stressed.
    'It was important for their safety that they were separated.'
    Placed into the care of infant animal care giver China and her chimpanzee companion, Anjna, the cubs have become almost inseparable from their new motherly figures.

    Feeding time: Anjana helps keeper China York care for the cubs

    My two best friends: Anjana and the cubs have become inseparable

    Dr Bhagavan added: 'China's role means that she is care giver to hundreds of animals when they are born.
    'Anjana has been with China, side by side, ever since she was born and has joined her in caring and raising baby animals.
    'So she helped her and acted as a surrogate mother to these animals and she has done these same with these baby white tigers.
    'She gives them a bottle, lies with them and acts as a surrogate mother. She has a close contact and bond and gives them a nurturing.'
    China has looked after Anjana the female chimpanzee since she was born, and they have been inseparable ever since.

    Hugs: Anjana has copied the caring behaviour of keeper China

    This has also resulted in Anjana copying China's caring behaviour.

    'She has raised leopards, lions, orangutans,' said Dr Bhagavan. 'Monkey see as monkey do, and she has taken on this copycat personality and helps China raise the animals.

    'She has just finished raising four lions and they were inseparable. She is a great assistant.'
    The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species is a wildlife education organisation, dedicated to promoting global conservation with informative, educational and entertaining interactive programs.

    Pictured: Two white tiger cubs find a surrogate mum...Anjana the chimpanzee | Mail Online

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    oh my gawd how gorgeous are those pictures?
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    OMG! That is very beautiful...
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    OMG, that's too friggin' cute! Look at that smile on the chimp's face!
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    soooooo freakin cute

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    I'm dying!!! Look at her face!! These are some of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen!

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