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Thread: Does America have a favorite animal shelter?

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    Default Does America have a favorite animal shelter? wants to know too. They want to donate $10,000 to the shelter with the most votes!
    Vote for your favorite here!

    While you're pondering that, here is a lil' story about Oliver the Puppeh.

    Sender-Inner AS 33 fell in love with Oliver.
    After several visits Oliver would run to the front of his cage and stuff his nose through the bars. He'd cry when she left.

    When Oliver was scared and he would hide under his bed.
    Then, AS 33's brother adopted Oliver.

    After only a week, Oliver followed his new Human around everywhere and was very loyal.

    Oliver refuses to be walked, cuddled or fed by anyone else!

    The End. [Head tilt]

    Cute Overload!

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    The US has many shelters in most towns. Good story though! Animals Rock!!
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    Great cause. Thanks for posting.

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