Stowaway: Beauty may never be reunited with her family due to the high costs of getting her back to the UK

Helen Wilmore with the suit case that contained beauty her cat which was discovered at Amsterdam airport

Helen Wilmore, 36, found her three-month-old kitten, Beauty, who was bought as a gift for the family, after travelling to Amsterdam for weekend break.
But Beauty may never be reunited with her family due to the high costs of getting her back to the UK,
As she was packing her suitcase, Beauty was sleeping on her bed, but when the time came for Ms Wilmore to leave, she could not find the cat anywhere.
Airport security staff failed to spot the kitten on their scanners and, because of flight delays, she was not discovered until 21 hours later when Ms Wilmore opened her case.
The mother-of-two had booked a weekend break to visit her cousin in the Netherlands at the last minute because her two daughters Sophie, 12, and Olivia, nine, would be on holiday with the father in Minorca.
Ms Wilmore said: "After being delayed for so long, by the time I got to my cousin's house, all I wanted to do was freshen up so I opened my case and Beauty jumped out.
"I was stunned, I couldn't believe it. She was a bit hot and sweaty but other than that she was fine."
Beauty had to be taken into Dutch quarantine, and cannot be reunited with her family in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Ms Wilmore added: "It would be at least six months because of quarantine before I could get her back but she'd need lots of jabs and rabies checks then I'd have to get her a passport and pay for her to be flown back. I just can't afford it."
Resigned to losing Beauty, Ms Wilmore bought her daughters a new kitten called Cuddles.
She said: "She's not the same as Beauty but has a lovely personality all the same. Nothing will ever replace Beauty, all I can do is hope that she's been taken in by a good family who will give her as much love as she got when she was with us."
A spokesman at Leeds-Bradford International Airport said its security company would be investigating the matter.