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Thread: Disgusting: One dog hanged, another set on fire

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    Angry Disgusting: One dog hanged, another set on fire

    A DOG was hanged by its own lead and another set alight in a suburban park in two of the most sickening incidents of animal cruelty the RSPCA says it has seen.

    A cattle dog-cross was found hanging from a tree at RAAF Memorial Park in Mt Druitt, west Sydney, yesterday morning .

    And a badly burned terrier-cross was found last night at Knight Park at Yennora, also in the west, The Daily Telegraph reported.
    "It's hard to fathom some human beings' capacity to dish out this kind of cruelty," RSPCA Inspector Matthew Godwin said.

    "I just don't understand how people can do something like this to an animal. It's not correct human behaviour."
    Mr Godwin was called to the Mt Druitt park about 9.30am by a passer-by who found the tan bitch, believed to be about five years old.
    It had no microchip, no collar and no dog tag, but the otherwise healthy condition of the animal made inspectors believe it was not a stray.

    The killers used the dog's lead, a chain with a nylon handle looped to make a rough noose, to hang it.
    Officers further shocked when another passer-by found the burned dog and took it to a local vet.
    RSPCA inspector Sally Macklin said it was believed the dog was deliberately set on fire.

    "He had burns to most of his body so unfortunately the only humane thing to do was end his suffering," she said.

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    Sick fuckers.

    Still maintain that a person who abuses other persons or animals should have those same abuses enacted upon them. Once that is done, then we move into the real punishment.

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    ^^Sounds like a plan to me. These people are just sick and twisted.

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