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Thread: The baby gibbon who thinks a cuddly toy camel is her mother

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    Default The baby gibbon who thinks a cuddly toy camel is her mother

    A baby gibbon has bonded so strongly with a cuddly camel given to her as a surrogate mother that she cries like a human infant if the toy is out of reach.
    The ten-day-old female, an endangered Siamang Gibbon, was at risk of starving to death and weighed just 18oz after her mother failed to produce any milk.
    But Sadie Garland, primate keeper at Noah's Ark Zoo in Bristol, stepped in to bottle-feed her - with the help of the toy camel and a minute feeding pipette.
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    Creature comforts: The tiny Siamang gibbon snuggles up with her surrogate mother, a toy camel

    Baby bond: The infant gibbon grips zookeeper Sadie Garland's finger - but won't let go of her toy
    Milk of human kindness: The baby gibbon - with camel close to hand - is bottle-fed by zookeeper Samantha Cordrey

    Like any newborn, the yet-to-be-named Siamang needs regular feeding, changing and lots of sleep.
    She sleeps in an intensive care incubator, donated by the Bristol Royal Infirmary, during the day and at night goes home with Miss Garland.
    Now being hand-reared on baby formula reinforced with glucose, she is fighting back to health.
    'She's getting round the clock attention and lots of love,' said Miss Garland, of Bristol.
    'We would have preferred to keep her with mum, but after close monitoring the baby was clearly going downhill.
    'It was decided that it would be in the best interest of the baby to intervene. We have given the baby gibbon a toy camel which she cuddles all day.
    She nuzzles down into it and you wrap her up in a blanket and she really enjoys it.'
    Miss Garland added: 'She is quite fragile at the moment but is progressing well and we are hopeful that she will eventually be put back in the gibbon gallery with mum and dad.'
    Siamangs are the largest of the gibbons and this baby girl will eventually weigh nearly two stone.
    They are indigenous to the Indonesian island of Sumatra and across the southern tips of Thailand and Malaysia.
    Siamangs are under threat from habitat destruction in their native countries, with forest fires destroying two million hectares of rainforest in the last two decades and palm oil plantations replacing more than 10 million hectares in Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Pictured: The baby gibbon who thinks a cuddly toy camel is her mother | Mail Online

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    That baby is so precious. I just want to scoop her up and cradle her. She's so beautiful and delicate.

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    Canada baby!


    Awww that baby is so cute
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    Sooo sweet!
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    One of the most important things a baby needs is comfort and touch from a mother. Monkeys are so similar to humans in this way.
    That lil baby is cute!

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    That baby has me in 'awww' mode.

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