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Thread: Buffy the bald chicken keeps out the chill with a special sweater

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    Default Buffy the bald chicken keeps out the chill with a special sweater

    Buffy the bald chicken has a special sweater to keep her warm until her feathers grow back.
    The stressed hen lost her plumage after having a fowl time in a cramped battery farm.
    The one-year-old was also more than 2lb underweight when the RSPCA plucked her to safety three weeks ago.

    Stripe me: Buffy in her new sweater knitted by RSPCA volunteers

    Volunteers knitted the chilly chicken a striped woollen sweater to keep her warm as autumn sets in.
    And now she is back to full health she has become the star attraction at the RSPCA rescue centre at Brent Knoll, near Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.
    Deputy manager Emma Phillips has been helping Buffy by becoming her ‘foster mum’ and keeps the hen in a luxury nestbox at the centre’s chicken shed.

    Chilly: The one-year-old hen struts about without her warming top

    She said: ‘Sadly, we occasionally find hens in this state when we rescue them and when Buffy arrived she looked like she was oven-ready.
    ‘But now she’s bold enough to peck and scratch about and tries to join the other chickens sunbathing in the sunshine wearing her little jumper.
    ‘Hopefully, with me acting as Buffy’s foster parent she will be nursed back to health with a full set of feathers.’
    Buffy will be re-homed in the coming months as soon as RSPCA vets give her the all clear.

    Cock-a-hoop: Buffy with her rescue centre 'foster mum' Emma Phillips

    Buffy the bald chicken keeps out the chill with a special sweater after losing all her feathers in a battery farm | Mail Online

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    Good for little Buffy, bless her heart.

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    Bold fashion statement!
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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