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Thread: Orphan gorilla gets to grips with her new keeper after being adopted by British zoo

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    Default Orphan gorilla gets to grips with her new keeper after being adopted by British zoo

    They were worried she might have trouble fitting into the family.
    But as these tender pictures show, Kera the gorilla already considers herself perfectly at home.

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Kera gives keeper Emily Pugh a ferry hug
    Cuddling up to her keepers, having a quiet chat or clinging on for a piggyback ride, she looks like she has known them all her life.
    But the four-year-old western lowland gorilla is the new girl on the block, arriving at Bristol Zoo Gardens only two weeks ago.

    Girl talk: Kera and keeper Mel Gage have a chat
    Bonding, despite her keepers' fears, hasn't been a problem. She loves everybody she meets, both human and gorilla.
    A rather shaky start to life certainly hasn't affected her sunny nature.

    Making friends: Kera settles in to her new surroundings
    Born at Barcelona Zoo, Kera, a twin, was rejected by her mother.

    She was sent to Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany, where she has spent the past four years in a gorilla nursery, being reared by humans.

    Making time to smell the roses (or rather leaves)
    But her keepers there decided she needed a chance to interact with adult gorillas. So Bristol Zoo came to the rescue.
    Keeper Emily Pugh, 22, said Kera was already settling in well with the zoo's other gorillas.

    She ain't heavy: A piggyback ride
    'She's beautiful. She's such a sweet and friendly girl. It's so nice that she's finally found a home,' she said.
    'I don't think it will take long for her to integrate into the group - the others are fascinated with her already.'

    A shoulder to lean on: Kera cuddles up close

    Kera will share the zoo's Gorilla Island with Jock, a 34st silverback, adult females Romina and Salome, and babies Komale and Namoki.
    Although they have already shown great interest in Kera, staff will keep her separate from her new family until they are sure she is totally accepted by the group.

    Hand-reared: Keira was rejected by her mother and brought up in a special gorilla orphanage in Stuttgart

    The zoo is hoping that Kera will grow up to boost its breeding programme with babies of her own.

    Will you be my new mummy? Orphan gorilla gets to grips with her new keeper after being adopted by British zoo | Mail Online

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    These photos are so beautiful and touching. What a precious creature.

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    I love gorilla's I don't know why but there has always been a connection, I'm lucky to live near Atlanta where we have one of the best gorilla habitats in the world.

    If you ever get a chance visit Koko gorilla's site she's the gorilla that speaks sign language.

    The Gorilla Foundation /

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    I love Koko! This pretty girl seems just delightful and so loving!
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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