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Thread: We didn't need another cat, but...

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    Default We didn't need another cat, but...

    My fourteen year old son brought home a new cat today - she appears to be an older kitten, light orange and white. She (I am not totally sure since I haven't gotten close enough to look yet) took a liking to my son and followed him all over a friend's neighborhood today. So after spending the day with her, my son refused to leave her. Apparently there was a litter of kittens who have been appearing near the tennis courts and playground in this subdivision over the last week or so. All the others that have appeared have also been adopted. This could be quite a plan for someone - take homeless kittens to a park and turn them loose one by one when kids are about! Instant adoptions!
    I didn't pick them up until after 6 tonight, so she hasn't been to the vet yet. We have her quarantined away from the other cats in my son's room and she will go the vet first thing in the morning. Any advice on introducing her to everyone else? Two dogs, two cats (10 and 12 yrs old), two parrots, and one bunny. I posted here in June after our cat Milton fell over dead for no known reason. Just fell of the bed, landed on the floor, convulsed a few times and was gone. We got Milton when he followed my husband to his car after a soccer game and just jumped in the car like he had been waiting on us forever. He just came right in and fit right in with everyone, but I am afraid we won't be so lucky this time. I am nervous about the introductions tomorrow. Plus I am freaked about all of her fleas. I did manage to get a pill that will kill all the fleas on her for 24 hours (I called the vet and they left this out for me) until we can get her to them. The dogs are on frontline and the other cats are on nothing since they are totally indoor cats. But I got revolution for them so they won't get the fleas that come off the "new" cat.
    Any advice??? She is sleeping (in all her flea covered and wormy glory) on my son's head at the moment. She is one rough looking kitty but she LOVES my son. He has tentatively named her Ginger. Creative he is not!

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    How wonderful!!! It must be so exciting!

    I've never had a cat so I don't really have any tips. I would have said to definitely keep her seperate and watch out for fleas etc, but you're already doing that!

    How about taking one of your current kitty toys and giving it to her so she can get used to their scent before meeting them? I'm not sure what the vice-versa would be for the two you already have??!!! Let them sniff near the door to the room she's in perhaps?

    Sorry I'm not much help!

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    Heh, you never need another cat, they just appear!

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    Crankybroad, I love your son!!
    After reading all the stories about teenagers doing horrible things to animals, it is wonderful to read about a boy rescuing a cat!! You should be very proud.

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    You didn't need another cat but she needed you!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


    "What's traitors, precious?" -- President Gollum

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    We recently got a new cat in a similar way, there's a thread on here about it somewhere.

    Introductions didn't exactly go according to plan and we did have a bit of fighting between the new cat and our older cat, but Arwyn (new cat) was probably a bit older than your new addition and also he was an unneutered boy although we only discovered that a couple of weeks ago after thinking he was a she for the past 10 weeks. (the vet thought it was a girl too so I don't feel quite so stupid)

    We ended up seperating our two for several weeks and then doing gradual introductions at meal times, so they'd learn to associate each other with something nice. They still aren't exactly friends, but they don't want to kill each other any more and hopefully once Arwyn has the snip on Oct 1st things might settle down even more.

    Have a water sprayer on hand when you introduce 'Ginger' to your other cats just in case. I made the mistake of trying to separate Arwyn and Frodo's first fight by grabbing them both and I still have the scars to prove it! A bit of hissing, growling and the odd kitty swipe at one another is nothing to worry about, but obviously you don't want any major brawls between them.

    Within a few weeks Ginger will be like a different cat. I'll need to find a before and after picture of Arwyn to show you. He went from being a skinny, matted, brown cat to a healthy, well groomed, grey cat within a few weeks. The difference is amazing.

    *I added a before and after pic to my stray cat thread.
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