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Thread: The Great Escape!

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    Default The Great Escape!


    An ex-neighbour kept hounds that kept getting out like this. Poor things were caged year round and only let out for hunting season.
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    Poor guys...I like how the other doggies are looking at him

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    That's cute.
    I HATE to see a dog chained or caged up like that.

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    I know all too well the Houdini style of Beagles; no matter how I crate my boy he manages to squeeze out somehow until I just gave up crating him....

    It's sad to see but that is so cute how at the end when he makes it to freedom, his brothers are waving "Hey you forgot about us".
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    This is what my little guy does on a small scale. When he was a teeny puppy we put him in the kitchen when we went to work, fenced off with one of those little dividers. We could NOT fathom how he kept getting out!!! When we got home he would happily greet us at the front door yet the little fence would still be intact.

    I had forgotten about it until yesterday. We visited a friends house who keeps their dog in the kitchen with a divider like our old one and put them in there to play together and witnessed our dog (he's a yorkie/shih-tzu) CLIMB his way over the fence. It was hilarious. Of course the friend says our dog isn't allowed over anymore because he's a bad influence-the other dog has been climbing out ever since
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