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Thread: Double triplet joy for endangered Red Pandas

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    Default Double triplet joy for endangered Red Pandas

    Conservationists in China are celebrating the birth of eight rare Red Panda cubs, including two sets of triplets.
    The cubs were all born earlier this year at Fuzhou Panda World Research Centre in east China' s Fujian Province.
    Workers hold three of the eight Red Panda cubs born this year

    Researchers are leading a breeding programme at the centre to help swell the number of Red Pandas.

    Their population is estimated at fewer than 2,500 mature adults, and continues to decline as their natural forest habitat is cleared.

    A spokesman at Fuzhou said: "There had been ten cubs born at the centre, including two sets of triplets and one pair of twins, but sadly two did not survive.

    "The eight remaining cubs were shown to the public for the first time today."
    The research centre, which is also home to Giant Pandas, is famous for its scientific research programs, including the successful cloning of a panda embryo.
    Scientists there were also the first to detect several rare diseases among the panda population.
    The Red Panda or Ailurus fulgens - "shining cat" - is a mostly herbivorous mammal, and prefers to feed on bamboo.
    Unlike the Giant Panda, it is not a bear and shares more characteristics with racoons. It is slightly larger than a domestic cat at about 15-23in (40-60cm) long and 6-13lbs (3-6 kg) in weight.
    Their average lifespan is 8 to 10 years, but they can live to be 15-years-old.
    However, In southwest China the Red Panda is hunted for its pelt and especially for its highly-valued bushy tail.
    Their fur is often used for local cultural ceremonies, and in weddings the bridegroom traditionally carries the hide.

    Double triplet joy for endangered Red Pandas - Telegraph

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    they are adorable! We have a cute red panda at Zoo Atlanta and his Zoo keeper said he is very sweet, but poops a lot!

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    Awwww theyre adorable!

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    Red pandas are right up there on my list of truly adorable critters
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    Total cuteness!
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