Superheroes in films can miraculously repair themselves when they've been hurt - and the owner of one dog in Wiltshire thought his pooch had too!
Homer the Labrador went missing when he was out for a walk with his owner, and was found three days later by a railway line with a huge wound on his tummy.
Homer's owner thinks he was hit by the wheel of a train, but because the metal was so hot it sealed the wound up!
Ray Bratton said that stopped Homer bleeding, and probably saved his life.

Homer is now at home recovering, but when Mr Bratton found him he was collapsed in a heap in a field.
He rolled Homer into a basket, and took him straight to the vets.
Ray Bratton with Homer

"They then did a rather long operation, stitched him up and here he is now a couple of weeks afterwards and he seems fine," said Mr Bratton. "It's a miracle really," he added.

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