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Thread: Family of elephants have a muddy bath

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    Default Family of elephants have a muddy bath

    Splashing about in the rust-coloured water, these elephants are in many ways like any other family enjoying a summer holiday.

    The young ones play happily, occasionally jumping up in excitement, while the older generation watches protectively from the side.

    All appear red in colour - from the savanna dust they so love to bathe in.

    Tusk Tusk: Behave, you lot! If you knew the trouble we'd taken to find a holiday place away from it all and with its own private pool

    Mud, mud, glorious mud: Marvellous and so relaxing. Beats all those fancy whirlpool baths and hot tubs

    Frolicking in the Samburu National Reserve, in remote northern Kenya - a 65 square mile area of rough highlands and rivers - these remarkable photographs are effectively an elephant family holiday album.

    They show in extraordinary detail and intimacy the relaxed and carefree life (they are largely safe from human threat here) this family enjoys.

    The young ones are only too happy to plunge into mudbaths - and the adults join them. In fact, the mud works as sunscreen, insect repellent and for generally cooling down, as well as fun family games.

    That's the trouble with family holidays nowadays - you even have to queue to get into the pool. But at least we all remembered our trunks

    Be careful no one gets buried in all this sand - and, no, we didn't bring the children's buckets and spades

    An elephant family is a highly structured and complex unit. Each herd is made up of between eight and 10 related females and their offspring (both male and female).

    The oldest and largest female - the matriarch - is the leader of the herd.

    Young elephants remain at their mothers' side until they are 12 years old - at which age immature males will be driven out of the all-female herd. Male elephants - bulls - are loners and rejoin herds of cows only when they are ready to breed.

    Pictured: A family of elephants having a muddy good time on their summer holiday | Mail Online

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    I love elephants. I could watch them all day. How cool it would be to see them in the wild going about their business.
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    ^^That is something I would love to do. Just watch their interaction with one another. They are so smart and seem to know how to have a good time

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    elephants are awesome!

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    I love elephants.
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