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Thread: Dog who stayed by dead master's side for 11 weeks honoured with statue

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    Default Dog who stayed by dead master's side for 11 weeks honoured with statue

    The Sculptress JOEL works on the statue of Ruswarp. A bronze casting of the devoted dog will be unviled at Garsdale Station early next year Photo: The Sculptress JOEL

    In a tale reminiscent of Greyfriars Bobby, border collie Ruswarp stuck by the side of owner Graham Nuttall after he got into trouble walking on 20 January 1990.
    When Mr Nuttall, 41, did not return to Burnley in Lancashire from his day's walk in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, neighbours raised the alarm.
    A week-long search found nothing, while missing person posters and leaflets also failed to produce any sightings.
    But on 7 April walker David Clarke found the body by a mountain stream. Next to him was Ruswarp, who had stood guard over his master through snow and rain. The 14-year-old dog was so weak he had to be carried off the mountain.
    Despite being cared for by a local vet he died shortly after attending Mr Nuttall's funeral.
    Comparisons were drawn with Greyfrairs Bobby, the 19th century Skye terrier who watched over his master's Edinburgh grave for 14 years.
    Now a bronze statue of Ruswarp pronounced 'Russup' is to be unveiled at Garsdale Station in North Yorkshire on the scenic Settle to Carlisle railway line.
    Mark Rand, chairman of the Friends of the Settle to Carlisle Line, said man and dog had played a major part in preventing the line's closure in the 1980s.
    "A petition objecting to the closure was signed by 32,000 people and one dog. That dog was Ruswarp who had his say with a paw print," he said.
    "Today the railway line is thriving again. Having a statue there of Ruswarp will symbolise not only the successful fight to save the line but also the loyalty of man's best friend."
    The bronze statue is set to be unveiled early next year.
    Mr Rand said: "This is the silver lining to a very bitter-sweet story."

    Dog who stayed by dead master's side for 11 weeks honoured with statue - Telegraph

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    Eleven weeks!!?!? Awwww... brings tears to my eyes. I wonder if the dog held on long enough to live until he knew his master's body was found. Snow and rain--the only thing he ate was snow. Rest in peace buddy, you're in heaven with your master again.

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    It just shows how dogs are the most loyal pet and friend you can ever have. You can be having the worst day and they are always there for you, no matter what.

    This dog was especially wonderful. God bless him.
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    Dog would probably rather be honoured with steak.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Dogs will stay by your side and your cats will eat your ass... not that I know if that's true or not. So I'll keep the dog around to keep the cats from eating my corpse if I become corpselike anytime soon.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    Aww..bless that little guy. A dog really is a best friend for life. At least they're together now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    Dog would probably rather be honoured with steak.
    How insensitve! That dog deserves that statue. What a loyal friend.

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