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Thread: Gorilla has sore tooth removed by dentist

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    Default Gorilla has sore tooth removed by dentist

    The gorilla, Pertinax, is the leader of the zoo's bachelor group of gorillas Photo: SWNS

    The operation lasted two hours and was a complete success Photo: SWNS

    This 28 st primate had to be sedated for two hours by specialist vet dentists during a successful operation to remove a painful three inch root.
    Pertinax, a silverback Western gorilla, was said to be "understandably groggy" after the operation at Paignton Zoo in Devon.
    He was treated by Dr Peter Kertesz, one of only a few specialist zoo dentists in the world, who has worked on exotic species including whales, pandas and elephants.
    He said: "Animals or people, it's all the same - they need treatment, they get treatment. The scale is what varies - and the location. It is all about teamwork.
    "It is a very serious business. The health and sometimes the life of a rare creature is in your hands."
    Neil Bemment, curator of mammals at the zoo, added: "Pertinax had a broken canine. Peter had to remove the root, which was a good three inches long."
    Pertinax is the 25-year-old leader of the zoo's bachelor group of gorillas and was treated at the attraction.
    Dr Kertesz has a dental practice in London and his first experience of animal dentistry was when he looked at a cat for a vet in 1978.

    Gorilla has sore tooth removed by dentist - Telegraph

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    Holy Shit....that's one big gorilla

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