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Thread: Evie the Eagle plays fetch with a tennis ball

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    Default Evie the Eagle plays fetch with a tennis ball

    Evie the Eagle is no ordinary bird. She has perfected the art of throw and catch and if you don't mind the occasional injury caused by her talons - she could be the falconer's answer to Lassie.
    Evie, who is a white tailed fish eagle, has a huge wing span of 8 foot and talons as big as a man's hand.
    These statistics alone would be enough to put off most people from getting involved in a game of fetch with the bird of prey, but not her owner falconer George Hedges.
    He discovered Evie's unusual talent when she retrieved a tennis ball from a pond without prompting.
    Evie's party piece includes swooping to catch tennis balls at great height.
    However, sometimes Evie can get a little carried away leaving George needing hospital treatment for minor injuries caused by her razor sharp talons - a warning for any would be eagle owners - perhaps you'd be safer with a dog!


    Video: Talon-ted Evie the Eagle plays fetch with a tennis ball -

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    I like her! I'd never fuck with her...but I'd throw her a ball, with heavy gloves on my hands.
    "You can't date your fuck buddy."

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    Eagles are incredible!

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