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Thread: Romance for Aztec the alpaca after osteopathy treatment

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    Default Romance for Aztec the alpaca after osteopathy treatment

    Animal osteopath Claire Short treats Aztec the alpaca for back problems that had prevented him from mating

    Since receiving the osteopathic treatment, Aztec has fathered eight healthy babies in less than a year

    Aztec, 7, was in great discomfort after he damaged his lower back while playing out in his field, so much so it was causing him problems of a romantic nature.
    When male alpaca's mate they crouch into a sitting position, but the manoeuvre had become too difficult for the seven-year-old mammal.
    So, worried owners Peter and Janet Garner called in the services of animal osteopath Claire Short to help nurse Aztec back to health.
    After just two 50 treatment sessions Aztec was cured and has gone on to father eight healthy babies in under 12 months.
    Miss Short, who practices at the Ashgrove Clinic in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, said: "Watching him walk and trot it was obvious even to the untrained eye that Aztec was lopsided.
    "On examination I found that the joints in his lower back and the joints between his spine and pelvis were not moving as well as they should.
    "This was probably causing him discomfort, if not pain, when he tried to squat to mate.
    "As an osteopath I looked at the animal's whole body, assessing his function by watching him move and feeling for joint restrictions or muscle tightness.
    "These restrictions and imbalances were cured with stretching, mobilisation and manipulation."
    Following his treatment in July 2007 Aztec has become the proud father of eight offspring, Chuzzlewit, Matilda, Mr Bumble, Matthew, Benjamin, Kit, Sabrina, and Maddie.
    They all live among a herd of more than 100 alpacas at Morden Hall Farm in Royston, Hertfordshire, where they are looked after by Mr and Mrs Garner.
    Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid. They are becoming increasingly popular in the UK where they are kept for their fleeces, which can be shorn and woven into a fabric which is considered warmer and more luxurious than sheep's wool.

    Romance for Aztec the alpaca after osteopathy treatment - Telegraph

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    Well good for him.

    I feel really awkward looking at that 3rd picture. Like I'm intruding on their privacy.

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    I love the third pic. They look so prim and proper while they are doing it.

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