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Thread: Puppies rescued from under school

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    Default Puppies rescued from under school

    Watch the pups being rescued

    Rescuers cut two holes in the floor of a classroom in America to save nine puppies who were trapped underneath.
    The dogs were discovered at Andalucia Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona, a week ago.
    Rescuers coaxed the mum out using food and water, but the pups were too young to follow, so local plumbers and builders volunteered to help.
    They used a special camera on a cable to find out where the pups were, before cutting the holes and lifting them out.

    NINE puppies were lifted out!

    The nine puppies are doing well, and have been reunited with their mum. Officials at the school are trying to get the holes in the floor fixed before the start of school next week.

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Puppies rescued from under school

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    Oh my God!!! What precious babies! I hope they all find good homes, especially the momma

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