Surfers making the most of the waves off Bondi Beach had an unlikely pair of companions.
The group were joined by a southern right whale and her calf who were spotted just 50 metres from the beach, frolicking in the water.

Close: The whale's enormous tale disappears below the water as a surfer paddles nearby and below, a group of surfers pause to watch the mammal

Amazing pictures show the surfers taking a pause on their boards as the whale hovers a couple of metres away.
Another shows one paddling out to see with the whale's might tale just visible above the ocean as it disappears into the depths.

Several whale species migrate up the Australian coast every year to calve. Humpbacks in particular are often seen near the beach as they head to warmer seas.

Tails, you win: The whale was frolicking near the beach with its calf

Pictured: Surfers swim with whale and calf spotted frolicking metres from Bondi Beach | Mail Online